What You Can Do

Battling these attacks successfully depends on union members working together to confront their attackers and establish the facts. This includes getting active politically in your daily life as well as inside your local and state union.

Sign up for eDues The Legislature moved Public Act 53 the day after the union coalition announced the Proposal 2 petition drive, as a punishment for engaging in direct democracy. The unions filed a lawsuit which is so far successful, but a reversal could happen at any time. 

The MEA is in the process of moving to a eDues system where your dues are paid directly from your bank account or pre-paid credit card. Signing up for eDues is critical to maintaining the fight for our survival and the survival of  public schools, The purpose of PA 53 is to defund the union, the only group with the resources to fight this fight.

Truth Mack coverShare this website so more of us know the source of school employee’s dwindling power and their ever-falling income and ever-increasing costs. Share the importance of staying together as a union: splitting the union apart is essential in taking out the only organization standing in the way of the ultimate goal: monetizing public schools. This site is also available at: tinyurl.com/RTWMichigan

Share the MEA study, The Truth About the Mackinac Center. It includes much more on the think tank movement and its mission to increase corporate power. Share the study by sharing this link: tinyurl.com/MackTruth. The study is also available on MEA.org.

Engage and contribute to PAC drives. Public school advocates will never match the corporate funding behind these attacks, but we have strength in numbers, an advantage that corporations can never match. Even small contributions, from across the union movement, can make a major difference in the coming election campaigns. The future of public schools depends on electing public school supporters in both parties.

Subscribe to Capitol Comments. Capitol Comments is an internet news letter that provides up to the minute news on legislative action and is the catalyst of our ability to react immediately across the state. Signing up is easy, just visit MEA.org/signup.

Join the MEA Rapid Response Team. Capitol CommentsThe Rapid Response Team is a large group of engaged MEA members that are informed in real time of important media events that require an immediate response. These Op Ed’s, Letters to the Editor, etc, make sure the real story is being told, by those who actually work in our schools. Suggested language is provided. Simply send an email to: “MEA.Rapid.Response@gmail.com

Take Part in Political Action Join in on actions at the Capitol or just talk to your friends. Public school supporters too often hesitate to share their opinion, and even the facts, in order to avoid offending those that are willing to believe the tea party attack lines. The time has passed for this kind of politeness: our future depends on us engaging in coffee shops, in grocery stores and even in the living room.

Vote 40% of MEA members voted for Governor Snyder. Voting matters. Today’s Michigan government is fully run by Republicans, the majority of whom are not public school supporters: the state House, the Senate, the Governor’s office, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General and the Michigan Supreme Court are controlled by Republicans, who’s first allegiance, with very few exceptions, is to their corporate sponsors.

Vote like your future depends on it.


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