The Corporate War on Unions

Since 2011. the Michigan Republican legislature and Governor Rick Snyder have worked to reduce the ability of labor unions, especially the MEA, to represent it’s members. They’ve done this with little or no Democratic support.2014-06-11_10-45-28

Reducing union power is meant to increase member discontent and reduce union revenues, feeding a downward spiral of union strength.

This summary shows the actual votes on many of these issues, together with a copy of an email exchange between the House Republican Education Committee chair and several Mackinac Center staffers, showing their ultimate goal is to ban all public sector bargaining rights.


Non-Union Teachers ordered to Dress as Babies for Parent Fundraiser

Teaching Without a Union I

Because of continuing revenue problems, the nonunion charter school Arts and
Technology Academy of Pontiac recently scheduled a May fundraiser billed as
“Teacher Appreciation Week.”2014-06-04_12-16-33

Teachers were ordered to cross dress as women, hold “Save My Job” signs, dress as babies complete with pacifiers while parents would put money in buckets.

Nonunion schools depend on a culture of fear where pleasing administrators is more important than teaching children. As an MEA member, your contract requires that you be treated as a professional.

Non Union Teacher Fired For Intervening in a Student Fight

Teaching Without a Union II

When the two boys broke into a very violent fight, a teacher in Detroit’s non-union Pershing High School had few options. Having no working phones to contact security, she was left with the only resource she could find to break up an escalating and already violent fight: a broom. She was fired later that same day.2014-06-04_12-18-51

Had she been represented by a union, her teaching conditions – no phone, a broken walkie-talkie, teaching alone in a school with a history of gang activity – would have been addressed. And because she had been fired and was threatened with criminal charges, she would have a strong voice at her side, the protections provided in a contract as well as legal representation.

The MEA understands your statutory duty to take actions necessary to guard your student’s safety, a fact lost on Pershing’s administration.



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