Mother Jones reports on the driving force behind Right to Work in Michigan: Dick Devos

MJ Devos“The pressure came largely from one man… : Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr. The 58-year-old scion of the Amway Corporation, DeVos had arm-twisted [state Senator Randy] Richardville repeatedly to support right-to-work. After six years of biding their time, DeVos and his allies believed the 2012 lame duck was the time to strike. They had formulated a single, all-encompassing strategy: They had a fusillade of TV, radio, and internet ads in the works. They’d crafted 15 pages of talking points to circulate to Republican lawmakers. They had even reserved the lawn around the state capitol for a month to keep protesters at bay.”


Heritage Action Continues to Overshadow Heritage Foundation

The New York Times reported today that the DeMint-driven politicization of the Heritage Foundations continues.